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ontario electronic stewardship - recognized collection siteWhen it comes time to getting rid of old hard drives for your business or yourself, it is important to make every effort possible to avoid data breaches.

While it may seem more cost-effective to eliminate the drives yourself, you run the risk of your data being retrieved and used maliciously. This could be reputation damaging and costly to your business. By using our on-site secure and affordable physical hard drive destruction service, you can avoid those risks.

You can even watch your hard drive be disposed of on the spot at our facility. Afterwards we will provide you with a certificate of hard drive disposal, should you wish to receive one.

Physical Hard Drive Destruction Cost

1 – 5$10 per drive
6 – 10$9 per drive
11 – 20$8 per drive
21 – 30$7 per drive
31 – 40$6 per drive
41+$5 per drive

If you are interested in our hard drive destruction services, please contact us or drop by our facility today.


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