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We offer free and convenient scrap metal recycling services at our facility located in Westfort, Thunder Bay.

Save your time by avoiding the long wait times and hassle, that can sometimes be associated with visiting a local scrap yard. Because we are not a scrap yard, we do not pay for scrap metal materials dropped off at our facility.

When you drop off your scrap metal materials at our location, you can rest assured knowing they will be responsibly recycled and diverted from landfill sites.

All dropped off materials go to a local facility that specializes in scrap metal recovery.

Scrap Metal Materials We Accept

freezers (with or without Freon)fridges (with or without Freon)
air conditionersdehumidifiers
washers & dryerspots & pans
stoveshot water tanks
barbecuesaluminum doors
aluminum eves troughatv’s, trikes, motors
furnacespellet stoves
lawn mowerssnow blowers
metal of any kindcar batteries
weed eaterspressure washers
bikesvacuums and central vac systems
tools (garden, garage, etc.)heavy equipment parts

If you have scrap metal materials you wish to recycle that are not listed above, please contact us to confirm if we accept it.

Went there today looking for a dryer part they couldn't find the part so while I went shopping Steve took the part off of another dryer and had it for when I got back . I have dropped off an old washing machine there that was broken and was told by Steve that it was a cheap and quick fix if I wanted to bring it back home ... Too late I had already bought a new one . Over all great people to work with and honest. I have been here 4 times now keep up the great service thankyou
Kim Laroche
Kim Laroche
19:44 22 Oct 19
Excellent service, great prices. Use them faithfully.
Vince Miceli
Vince Miceli
19:43 18 Oct 19
Was willing to come in Thanksgiving weekend, even tho they were closed, to look for an oven element for me if I couldn’t find one elsewhere. He quoted me a fair price. I found one at a store he recommended I try. Thanks for your help!
Janet T
Janet T
01:16 13 Oct 19
Amazing and helpful couple! We were looking everywhere for a part for our dryer. We called here and they had what we needed and were A+ to deal with. Highly recommend!! Will be coming here again for future needs.
17:18 10 Aug 19
Wonderful people! 😊👌👍🤩
Reen Mack
Reen Mack
16:07 20 Sep 18
Brought my broken oven part in on my lunch break, by the time I was off work it was fixed and ready to go!Cheaper than buying a new oven! Honest couple of good people, will be using their services again. Thanks again!
Brandon Harris
Brandon Harris
14:15 08 Dec 17
My baking element, in my stove, stopped working, and I was looking to replace it altogether. So a friend told me about this place and I went, met with the couple who runs the place and explained what was happening with my stove, the wife offered to test my element for me right then and there. 30 secs later she comes back and tells me, its not the element. She troubleshooted with with me for a few minutes and decided I should bring in the stove motherboard. I did and it turns out it was a burnout relay, she took it and replaced it within 30 mins for $50.00.They saved me huge money, if I would purchased a new stove or new motherboard I was looking 250.00 plus. They really know their stuff and highly recommend them for any appliance repair or at least talk to them before you dish out a bunch of money on new parts. They most likely have something in the back, lol.
Lou Louu
Lou Louu
20:06 07 Nov 17
My fairly new oven range stopped working (the oven part). Too much to fix so placed an ad looking for used stove and in ad I mentioned my new one was too pricy to fix. These guys emailed me and asked me the problems with my broken oven and offered to fix for reasonable price. I took main control panel off back of oven and down for them to look at. I was told by a local appliance business it would cost $500 for parts and labour! It took the lady at Full Circle Recycling 2 minutes to fix it!!! I am amazed and grateful. Saved me a ton of cash I don't have! Very thoughtful, honest and they won't rip ya off!! Highly recommended!! Thanks Brenda! 😉👍
Sarah Robinson
Sarah Robinson
21:21 28 Sep 17
Camrin Parnell
Camrin Parnell
05:59 13 Jan 17

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